Phenol peel is an application on the skin of a strong peeling agent, phenol, which will make an important regeneration of dermis in order to induce a rejuvenation of the skin. It is the most intense peel among the existing ones, giving a longer recovery than other superficial-medium depth peel, and give the most impressive results.


Phenol is irritating and corrosive to the skin. It has a local anesthetic effect. After few second of burning sensation, the pain disapears for the 20 minutes. After what comes inflammatory hot sensation that will last until the middle of the 1st night. Then, there is no pain anymore except during few hours of the 3rt night when microcirculation starts again.

Phenol is rapidly absorbed through the skin, and can be toxic depending on the quantity applied, the surface of the application and the velocity of application. The volume of phenol applied on the face even for the full face treatment with Lip & Eyelid is not representing a risk of intoxication, exclusively if it is done following the instruction of use. Your doctor should be trained by Skin Tech Pharma Group in order to perform the deep peel with Lip & Eyelid, Medical Device, Class IIa, and to take care of you correctly during the post peeling period. Please feel safe with your doctor, if he has the certificate issued by Skin Tech Pharma Group for Deep Peel.


Lip & Eyelid is a Medical Device, Class IIa, which is developed and manufactured by Skin Tech Pharma Group, in Spain, complying all the European Directives and Regulations.


The post peel procedure can be long, but if you follow all the instructions of your practitioner, you could enjoy the impressive result of tridimensional lifting effect with Lip & Eyelid.