The phenol peel has a lifting effect on the skin. What is the Physiological explanation?
Newly synthetized large band of collagen/elastin/hyaluronic acid in the dermis. Same as for deep lasers, but more synthesis. 


What is the advantages of the formula Lip & Eyelid in comparison with other phenol peels’ formula?
It is an oil solution of phenol at over 60%. The aim of oily formulation is to slow down the penetration of the phenol through the skin and to improve dermal and epidermal maceration. It limits the toxicity of phenol by saturating the biochemical hepatic detoxification pathways more slowly. Only solution of phenol is not inducing porcelane skin because is not melanotoxical. Another advantage of Lip & Eyelid is security and safety which are proved through CE certification.


What are the advantages of a phenol peel over a CO2 laser peel?
Better results, less expensive, less painful, less side effects.


Can the whitening effect of Phenol be measured on Fitzpatricks scale (i.e a woman on skin type 4 does the phenol, is she type 3 now on her face)?
It can’t be considered like that, since the Lip & Eyelid or Easy Phen Light are not melanotoxical. What they do is give back to the skin the native colour, by treating it’s damages from photo aging, comparable to the internal part of the fore arm, for example.


In my professional experience with Lip & Eyelid, when I have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, it is always the area that has been treated with it. The redness becomes dark local hyperpigmentation.
Do you give the patient Blending Bleaching and Melablock-HSP 50+ after phenol peeling? Blending Bleaching is essential for blocking the tyrosine metabolism which is giving finally melanin and pigmentations.
Post peel erythema is totally normal after such a deep peel; in the past and using other phenol peels, erythema was lasting up to 6 months. Thanks to the formula Lip & Eyelid and IPLase Mask, this erythema is much shorter.
The fact to have sometimes a post peel hyperpigmentation after a phenol peel is a very good news, knowing that other peelings in the depth usually give rather a complete depigmentation which is unfortunately impossible to treat. So, a hyperpigmentation is much better than a depigmentation.
Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation is easy to remove with Easy TCA and Blending Bleaching Cream and Melablock-HSP 50+. Then, it disappears always if correctly treated.
Maybe is it a simple misunderstanding about deep peels: deep peels are quite simple to do … but the post peel is sometimes complex.


Does phenol peel have any effect on small blood vessels in the face? Do they disappear?
Some can disappear but it is not a treatment of telangiectasia. At the contrary, some patients can see more telangiectasias after deep phenol peel.


What is the effect of the peel on scars if at all?
On surgical scars, it soften it. On acne scars, it can make it much better.


Is it advisable to use Lip & Eyelid together with a facelift and could it not be harmful to the cut and sutured areas?
The peeling can be performed at the same time as any aesthetic surgery, if it is done in different area, i.e. blepharoplasty surgery on the upper eyelids and Lip & Eyelid on the lower eyelids. However, it is not recommended to apply peeling product on the area of the surgery operation, before the surgical mark is healed, as far as it remains as hypertrophic scar. Then, you need to wait for 2-6 months for performing Lip & Eyelid which will help to remove the face lifting scar.


What is the difference between the end point with Unideep and the one with EPL? Isn’t the sliding indicating the same depth reached by both of those peelings?
The sliding of Unideep indicates a wilting of the skin due to the coagulation of the proteins which connect the dermis and the epidermis. By pinching the epidermis slide on the dermis. Unideep is a papillary dermis peel with TCA 25%.
The pinch test of Easy Phen Light is for checking edema of the skin caused by the peeling application. Easy Phen Light is reaching the interface of papillary-reticular dermis and gives better efficacy on the photoaging and fine wrinkles. Bigger comfort for the patient, because less painful treatment.


For how long it is forbidden to expose the treated area to the sun?
After deep phenol: no sun until the next season. Ie if phenol peel in march, no sun before sumemr next year. Total sun protection and eviction 4 to 6 months,.


After how long can makeup be applied?
At day 8, couvrance make up is allowed


Can hands and décolleté + neck be treated with it?
Not with deep phenol peel.