Chemical peels have returned to the forefront of the practitioner’s armamentarium and are popular because they offer nearly immediate results – Textbook of Chemical Peels: Superficial, Medium, and Deep Peels in Cosmetic Practice (2nd edition). Philippe Deprez (2016). CRC Press editorial.
This is so true, when we refer to the deep peels especially, which can permit to treat deep wrinkles, scars, definitive photo damages.


Phenol peels are the deepest type of chemical peel and has been done since the 1st world war. In the beginning it was used for disinfecting or anaesthetizing the skin then it was used for aesthetic indications, and produce the most dramatic results of any kind of peeling.


In 2016, Skin Tech Pharma Group launched various phenol peels such as Lip & Eyelid and Easy Phen Light, as World 1st Medical Device Chemical Peels containing phenol. It permits to standardize the procedure of phenol peel through a well-established protocol of application as well as the clear instruction of the applied quantity of phenol solution. Furthermore, the instruction on the post peel care after the treatment with those products is giving the security and safety not only to the practitioner but also to the patient.
These 2 products, differently formulated based on the phenol and/or other actives, will permit to perform a peeling to the reticular dermis or to the interface papillary-reticular dermis, for the properly defined indications for each of them. 3rd one, Easy Phen Very Light, with still another formula will be available soon.


A part from these deep peelings, Skin Tech Pharma Group proposes different protocols for deep peelings combining abrasion or laser with the application of a chemical peeling agent, such as Easy TCA, for drying or dissolving the skin with the aim of regenerating a new skin. This is for restructuring a new skin architecture through peelings.


Physicians should be properly trained and prepared in order to proceed with a deep peel safely and in the way perfectly adapted to his and patient’s expectation, and to perform professionally in the level of application technique as well as post peel care.


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