Easy Phen Very Light

Papillary dermis peel against photoaging (Glogau: 1-2)
• Medium – Deep peeling solution
• No frosting but edema + erythema
• Light desquamation
• Limited down time
• Phototypes: 1-4

For Grenz Zone – Papillary dermis peel
15% phenol
8% TCA
0,5% croton oil

Intended for the treatment of photo-aging and its consequences including the treatment of lesions such as actinic keratosis and pre-malignant lesions.

• 1 phial of Easy Phen Very Light solution 3ml
• 1 tube containing 10 ml of Post Peel Mask
• 1 sachet of yellskreen 5g
• For 1 face peel


2 different protocols available. For more information contact us: marketing@skintechpharmagroup.com


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