Is it limited in age?
A phenol peel is mainly indicated to treat severe photoaging of facial skin. It is the only type of peel that can eliminate deep wrinkles and regenerate elasticity and firmness in the treated skin in a single treatment. Phenol peels are therefore usually aimed at patients after 40s, but there are no real age limits up or down. Phenol has been used on much younger patients for acne scars or scars of other origins. However, because of its toxicity and the profound changes it makes to the skin, phenol should not be used without a clinical indications.


I’m a man, can I do the treatment also?
When aging has resulted in sun-damaged thinning skin with wrinkles and age spots, a peel is an excellent indication and shows surprising results, in both men and women. Men with light skin phototypes and thin sundamaged skin respond very well to phenol. The gender-based distinction is purely statistical: in general, women can be said to respond better to phenol than men, but this does not rule out men for this treatment. The only problem that proves difficult when treating a man’s skin is postpeel erythema. Women can easily use makeup to hide it, but this is difficult for men. Men can, however, wear a coloured sunblock to hide the redness. The question of shaving often comes up: on the 11th day after the deep peel, the doctor might allow the patient to shave carefully, after evaluating the condition of the patient’s skin. Wearing a beard can even be an advantage and makes the demarcation line less visible


I’m dark skinned, can I do the treatment also?
Patients with Fitzpatrick skin type I-III are excellent candidates. Patients with Fitzpatrick skin type IV and patients with severely sun-damaged skin will have to accept the possibility of a visible demarcation on the neck. This demarcation line can be made less obvious both by a good peeling technique and by combination with other peels on the neck. Darker skin types are not such a good indication, because of the change in skin tone after the peel.
Skin phototype is even more important when using phenol locally; a local phenol peel can only be applied on light skin phototypes that will not show any significant and visible difference in color on the eyelids and around the mouth. Combining Lip & Eyelid Formula with Easy TCA Pain Control / Easy Phen Light provides a phenol peel and a peel to even out skin with lentigines, keratoses, or freckles. Two peels should be done during the same session: Lip&Eyelid first, followed immediately by Easy Phen Light or Easy TCA Pain Control on the rest of the face, around the area treated with Lip&Eyelid.


Is it necessary to be hospitalized?


How long last the result?
The rejuvenation of the skin is comparable to be 15-20 years younger, and the next treatment could be expected as many years later. It is for saying that you may need no more than one treatment in the life.


Is there any side effect?
Phenol toxicity to be avoided by respecting strictly the application rules. Exceptionally, areas of irregular pigmentation can appear, but it can be manageable with make up, and can trail away with time.


Can I do these peelings after or before a surgical lifting?
Yes, a full face deep phenol peel can be done 6 month after the surgical lifting, or once the healing process is finished. A local deep phenol peel can be done during the same procedure as surgical lifting: i.e. lips and eyelids .