Phenol peel permits to correct different aging signs on the skin such as important phtoaging or deep wrinkles, through total regeneration of dermis and epidermis with new collagen and elastic fibers. Thus, the results are usually spectacular and obtained after 8-12 days. As it is long lasting result, just one session could suit to your expectation.


What you need to know for the peeling session with Lip & Eyelid?


Prepeel conditioning

Before the peeling session, it is recommended to prepare your skin, in order to prevent any side effect, applying Aclaranse serum followed by the sun protection Melablock-HSP SPF 50+ in the morning, then Aclaranse serum followed by Blending Bleaching Cream in the evening, during 2-3 weeks.


Herpes prevention

In case of a history, take virus prevention tablets twice per day from 3-4 days before to 3-4 days after peeling treatment.


About pain…

When a full face phenol peel is realized, a neuroleptanalgesy (eventually in association with nerve blocks, if you are sensitive) is a must. The anesthetist is in charge of vital and pain parameters, when the doctor concentrates on the application details. At the end of the neuroleptanalgesy, you can feel a hot inflammatory pulsatile uncomfortable sensation that will last up to the middle of the 1st night. After this episode, the post peel period should not be painful anymore. Paracetamol can be used, if you are uncomfortable. Recurrence of pain after day 1 should be considered as a symptom of a potential side effect.


During the treatment…

After removing makeup, the practitioner disinfects and degreases your skin, then the peeling starts.

The session will take 100 minutes.


The 1st night after peeling

It is necessary to keep the occlusion mask for 24h, and you have to sleep half sitting, as you are not allowed to press the treated skin against any surface (pillow, i.e.). In case the treated area stick to the pillow, there is risk of infection, scarring, prolonged erythema, etc. In any case of doubt, your practitioner will give you correct instruction.


For patients information


Results of full face peeling session with Lip & Eyelid